Heartborn Poetry

"All passion comes from knowledge of the world & power of the mind




 To Anna's world of passion for life expressed in words.


 "You should always love the rain. It's something that hasn't been created by man"

 -Anna Andrews



  "Anna you are a true inspiration & so beautiful inside out" - Amiena Abu-Zayyad

"Very few are gifted with the talents of this beautiful young lady, Anna's words are full of emotion and sincerity that can only come come life experience and straight from the heart. A raising talent reaching new horizons that one day will touch the stars and reach everyone's heart." - Steve D Parker (SDPtv)

Some say its poetry. Others call it revelations -

Either way Anna has found a way to open the eyes of a lot of people. Anna has interested those who never read poetry, inspired some to write or write again. Anna has been compared to some known poets of history!

Fallen Angel, Lost soul -

Or maybe someone who just found the courage to stand, express and share with many others. Which ever Anna maybe, she has found a way to touch the hearts, open minds and comfort many. She has helped people to believe in themselves...

 Anna is a full time mother born in Birmingham, England, But raised in West London most her life. Anna turned to writing to escape the world around her. Simple writing was not enough and found a way to express through poetry that gave alot of pleasure. The escape became a collect which grew into passion.

 Anna wrote for years not knowing how much it was inspiring others until 2006. Now with growing fans and many ideas, she hopes to leave a little footprint behind in history. Even if it is to a handfull of people who cherished the person she was.


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